söndag 14 augusti 2016

Doily - FREE crochet pattern

Inspiration from an old bought doily.

Pattern in US terms

Yarn: scrap yarn in orange, pink, purple, dark blue, green and turquoise from Drops (cotton light, paris)
Hook: 4 mm (I crochet loosely so a 4,5- 5 mm hook might suit you better)

st - stitch
sc - single crochet
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
hsc - half single crochet
dc - double crochet (yarn over once)
tr - treble crochet (yarn over twice)
lp - loop = the chain made from previous round
2in1 - make 2 stitches, eg dc, in the same stitch.
[text inside staples are repeated] x 5 - repeat what is inside the staples the amount of times after the [ ]
*-* means repeat everything between first * to last *

Each round ends with a sl st unless pattern says otherwise.
1:st sc in round = ch 1, sc 1 in very first st.
1:st dc in round = ch 3


1)  magic ring, dc 18 in the ring (= 18 dc)
2)  ch 3 (=1 dc), dc 1 in same st, [dc 2in1] x 17 (=36 dc)
Break yarn.

PINK, fasten new yarn where ever you like on previous round.
3) *sc 3,  ch 7, sl st 1 in 1st sc you made (so you´re back at the beginning again) and form a ring, hdc 9 around the ring of chains* (=12 rings)
Tip!  I make the first hdc directly from the sl st, just yarn over and start a hdc. When last hdc is made start from the beginning.
Break yarn.

PURPLE, fasten new yarn in 5th hdc, top of the ring
4)  *sc 1, ch 6, skip to next ring*. Repeat *-* til end of round. (=12 chains/ loops)
5)  ch 3 (=1 dc), *dc 7 around the chain from previous round, dc 1 in sc from previous round*. Repeat *-* til end of round (=96 dc)
Break yarn.

DARK BLUE, fasten new yarn in last stitch.
6)  [dc 6, dc 2in1, dc 7, dc 2i1] x 5, dc 6.
7)  [dc 7, dc 2i1, dc 8, dc 2i1] x 5, dc 7.
Break yarn.

GREEN, fasten new yarn in last stitch
8)  [dc 8, dc 2i1, dc 9, dc 2i1] x 5, dc 8.
9)  [dc 9, dc 2i1, dc 10, dc 2i1] x 5, dc 9.
Break yarn.

TURQUOISE, fasten new yarn in last stitch
10) *dc 3, ch 3, dc 1 in 3rd ch from hook (= makes a laying dc), skip 2 sts*, repeat *-* til end of round..

11) sl st up to the lp which is chain over the laying dc from previous round *sc 1 in lp, ch 2, skip to next lp [tr 1, ch 3, sc 1 around the tr] x 4, ch 2, skip to next lp* Repeat *-* til end of round.

Break yarn and fasten all ends.

Good luck!

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