fredag 13 september 2013

Paperholder - free crochet pattern

If you find any errors in this pattern, please let me know.
Thank you!

Perfect for cold seasons, for the picnic, in the boat, the car... 

well, make holders for all occasions! :-)

Crochet hook 4,5 mm and 3 mm.
Yarn Järbo Molly 100% acrylic (grey, red and black)
6 buttons

st(s) = stitch(es)
sc= single crochet
dc = double crochet
2in1 = increase
blp= back loop
sl st= slip stitch
sk= skip
lp= loop
eor= end of row
ch = chain
CL = cluster, group with dc

Bottom is crocheted in sc (grey)

Magic Ring,  sc 8, sl st.
row 1   *2 fm i 1* varvet ut, sm.
row 2   * sc 1, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.
row 3   * sc 2, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.
row 4   * sc 3, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.
row 5   * sc 4, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.
row 6   * sc 5, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.
row 7   * sc 6, sc 2in1* till eor, sl st.

The work now measures approx 13 cm in diameter.
Uneven rows in "The Tube" is crocheted with loops (grey)
and even rows with dc (red or black).

I cut the yarn after every row and fasten the new color again, starting a new row. I'm sure you can bring the yarn with you in the back if you don't like to weave in all ends and just switch colors as you go along. If you use the same color you don't need to do think about this at all. 

"The Tube":

row 8
Grey: ch 3, dc 1 in each blp till eor, sl st. [64]

row 9   
Grey: ch 2 (=1 sc), sc 1 in first st, ch 2, sk 2 sts, 
            *sc 1, ch 2, sk 2* till eor, sl st. [22 loops]

row 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 
Red or black rows with CL of dc: *dc 3 in each lp* till eor, sl st. [66 st]

row 11, 13, 15 and 17) 
Fasten grey yarn in between any of the CLs and continue as in row 9.
Cut yarn and weave in ends. 

ch 25, sl st to form a ring.
row 1 Black: *dc 4, dc 2in1* till eor, sl st. [30]
row 2 Black: *dc 5, dc 2in1* till eor, sl st. [40]
row 3 Red: *dc 6, dc 2in1* till eor, sl st. [48]
row 4 Grey: *sc 7, sc 2in1* till eor, sc 1, sl st. [57]

Decorate with sl st in grey
Pull the hook through, from front to back,
between row 2 and 3.

Pull yarn to front and put the hook in the next hole...
...pull through yarn. Now you have 2 loops on the hook.

Pull last loop through first, making a slip stitch (=sl st).
Continue to pick up yarn in next hole,
all around the circle, making sl sts.

When you've made the last but one,
cut yarn and pull the loop/yarn to the front.
Use a yarn needle and pull through
the first stitch as in photo...
...and in between the two loops in last sl st and
out in the back of the top.
It doesn't show where start and end meets :-)
And the back is nice too!
Weave in ends. 

Edge and buttonholes... 
... are crocheted in the loop behind the sc you made in last row. 
Use black yarn and hook 3 mm for this, it's easier...

...*loosely sc 9, ch 8 + sl st 1 in last sc, sc 10, ch 8 + sl st 1 in last sc*
repeat till eor, sl st.
 [6 buttonholes]


This is the finished top, with 6 buttonholes.

Put the top on the "tube" and mark
where to sew on the buttons.
Now it's ready to get loaded!

Pull out the cardboard paper in 
the center of a toiletpaper roll...

...and through the hole in the top, close the top 
and you have a nice paperholder, 
using only regular toilet paper. :-)