onsdag 27 november 2013

Men socks - free pattern

I've been struggling with socks for quite some time... then I discovered toe-up and a heel that is so easy to knit that it's almost ridiculous. I just want to share this with you. 

These socks are knitted with 2,5 mm circular needle and sock yarn from TGR (similar to Drops Fabel) in a gorgeous mixed color. I used Judys Magic Cast On (JMCO) and knitted both socks at the same time using the Magic Loop technique. I do not explain these techniques since they can be found elsewhere, eg at You Tube.

The whole foot is knitted in stockinette stitch, the heel is reinforced and leg is in rib. 

Size 43 EU ( approx 27 cm long)

Start: JMCO 16 sts on each needle = total 32 sts.

Toe: Increase 1 st on every other round, after first and before last stitch on each needle until you have 34 sts/ needle (= 68 sts). Easiest is to pick up the yarn between two stitches, twist and knit. 

Foot and sole: Continue to knit until your work measures 19 cm.

Wedge increases:
Needle 1: 34 stitches = top of foot.
Needle 2: 34 maskor = sole. Increase 1 st, every other round, in the beginning and end of needle no 2. I purled the increased sts. Continue to increase like this until you have 10 purled sts on each side of the sole. = 54 sts on needle 2 after all increases as done.

Short row heel turn: 
Knit the 34 sts on needle 1 and the first wedge 10 purled stiches on needle 2. 
From here you knit back and forth only over the 34 heel stitches that are between the wedges on needle 2, like this: 

r 1) Right side: Knit 34 sts. After last st turn your work. 
r 2) Wrong side: Lift first st as if to purl, with yarn in front. Pull yarn over the stitch and needle to the back. This creates a double stitch. Continue to purl until you reach the wedge. Turn your work.
r 3) RS: Lift first stitch as if to purl, yarn in front, pull yarn and stitch to the back = double stitch. You have now 1 double stitch, 32 simple sts on lefthand needle and 1 double stitch on righthand needle.

Continue making short rows like this: 
Knit until you reach the double stitch - turn - lift and make a doublestitch. Purl until next double stitch - turn - lift and make a double stitch. 

Continue like this until you have 12 double stitches, 10 simple sts and 12 double stitches over the heel. 

Knit the 10 simple stitches AND the 12 double stitches. (Knit both strands of yarn together in one double stitch, they are simple sts from the start, just stretched.) When you've knitted the last double stitch - turn work - lift first st as to purl without making a double stitch.

Purl back over the heel AND the 12 double sts on the other side - turn work. 

You are now done with the short row heel turns! :-) 

Reinforced heel:
r 1) Lift 1 st as if to knit *knit 1, lift 1 knitwise* repeat *-* until last knitted st before the wedge. Lift this last stitch knitwise AND lift first purled st knitwise on the wedge - knit these two together - turn work.  

r 2) Lift 1 st purlwise and purl all stitches until last st before the wedge. Last purled sts AND first wedge stitch are purled together - turn your work. 

Repeat r 1-2 on every row.
Continue until all wedge stitches on both sides are decreased. 

From now on you knit over all stitches on both needles again. 

Leg/ rib:
On first round, make 4 increases like this:
Needle 1: Make 1 in beginning of row by lifting the yarn between two stitches, twist and purl *knit 2, purl 2* until last 2 sts. Knit 2 and make one purlwise at the end = 36 sts. Do the same on needle 2. = total 72 sts.

Continue with rib on each needle: 
purl 1,  knit 2 *purl 2, knit 2* purl 1. 
I made the leg approx 27 cm, as long as the foot lenght, before using Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. 

If or when you find weird parts in this pattern, please let me know! English is not my first language :-)