onsdag 27 november 2013

Slouchy "puffy" hat - free pattern

Crocheted slouchy "puffy" hat
(Very easy to adjust the size)

My coffee jar is modelling :-)

Yarn: Tiger from TGR, 100 % acrylic, 50 g approx 110 m. I used about 110 g of yarn.
Gauge: 10 sc = 5 cm
Hook: 5 mm
Size: M

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
"puff" - puff stitch
r - row
st(s) - stitch(es)
yo - yarn over

Chain 11, sc 1 in second ch from hook and sc 1 in each st till end of row. (10)
Turn every row with 1 ch and crochet in back loop only, on each row. This creates the rib pattern.

Tip! Do you want wider or smaller width on the rib, just add or make fewer sts. Simple as that!

If you crochet to yourself it's even easier to adjust the size. Just measure the rib along as you go in your progress. Here's a size guide.

I made 64 rows of rib, but you make as many rows you need for your hat. Even rows are recommended. It makes it nicer and more even when you crochet the rib into a ring later.

When the rib is as long as you want, crochet bottom and end together by placing them on top of each other and make slip stitches along the edge. Do not break yarn, just turn your work and continue along the side of the rib.

Ch 1 and make one row of sc along the edge of the rib, even numbers. My edge got 64 sc, one sc in each end of every row of the rib. End with a slip stitch.

Time for the "puffs".
It's only the first row that is a little different since you make the "puffs" in every other st on row 1.
On all other rows you make "puffs" in every hole, between the "puffs", from previous row. This makes the pattern slide a little but it's still the same amount of "puffs" on each row.

First "puff" on every row: 
Ch 1 and pull up the loop approx 1 cm, yarn over, put the needle in first st (only on row 1) or in the hole between two "puffs" (in other words right where you are) get yarn and pull up a loop as long as the first one, yo, back in the same stitch/hole, get yarn and pull up a loop, yo and pull through all loops on the hook. Ch 1 to lock the "puff".

Row 1:
Yo, skip one st * put hook in next st, get yarn and pull up a 1 cm long loop, yo* a total of 3 times in the same stitch. Yo and pull through all loops, ch 1 to lock the "puff".

Every row after 1st:
Make first "puff" as described, then continue to make "puffs" in every hole along the row.

Ending on each row:
When you've made the last "puff" on the row, make a slip stitch in first "puff". Make another slip stitch in the hole after, to adjust the row.

Now you just continue until you have the length you want on your hat. Just "puff" on!

I made my hat (puff section) approx 26 cm long. Including the rib of 5 cm, the finished size is 31 cm long. That's puffy enough for me. :-)

It's easy to adjust, just try it on as you go. When the length is perfect, just stop crocheting :-)

Break yarn and pull the yarn through the holes in the last row, pull tight and fasten. So simple and fast!

Simple and fast crocheted :-)
Find any errors or anything else that is confusing, let me know! 
English is not my main language.