fredag 17 januari 2014

How to knit with beads - tutorial

"One-at-a-time with crochet hook"

My example is from when I knitted the Owlie socks so yarn, beads and hook are adjusted for this project but the technique is the same whether you use larger/smaller beads. Just make sure you can insert the hook into the hole of the bead, to pull yarn through. Also adjust the size of the bead to the thickness of the yarn. Tiny bead/hole =  small crochet hook = easier on thin yarn and so on. 

The hook is so small I have trouble seing it
without the closeup shot.

For my Owlies I use beads that measures approx 3 mm in diameter (glassbeads from a regular hobby store) and a 0,5 mm hook.

So, here's my project :-)
Knit until you reach the stitch that is going to have a bead.
Put a bead on the hook.

Grab the stitch on left needle that is going to have the bead
and pull it from the needle...
...then slide/push the bead towards the stitch and over,
while pulling the whole stitch through the hole of the bead.

Make sure you pull all string of yarn through the bead.
It can be tricky in the beginning.

Put the stitch back to left needle again...

...and knit according to the pattern.
The bead is now attached on the stitch.

This is one finished row with "owl eyes".
When you use this technique and attach the bead on to the stitch it's not going anywhere. :-)

"All at once"

Another technique to knit with beads is to simply thread all beads you need in a long row on the yarn before you start to knit, as you make bracelets etc. Just make sure you thread enough beads on to the yarn so you don't end up missing beads during your work and have to cut the yarn and add beads again. Not fun at all. If you use more than one color of beads you need to put them in order right from start.

Also, you need to push all the beads along the way as you go which can fray the yarn if you have many beads. When it's time to put the bead in place you knit according to pattern and simply slide the bead you need in place, tight and snuggly to the stitch, continue to knit and slide next bead in place...

NOTE! Threading beads means you have one single strand of yarn through the hole of the bead, which can result in beads moving or ending up in the back of the work since it's not locked in place. Using a hook and pulling one whole stitch through the bead locks it in place.

I prefer the "one-at-a-time" technique but we are all different :-) Try out what is best for you and your work.