söndag 7 juni 2015

Crocheted hair accessory

Hook: 3 mm
Yarn: 8/4 cotton from my leftover stash
You also need: hairband/rubberband.

Simple and fast crocheted hair accessorie. The rubberband makes it stretchy and easier to fit in place, the flower is a separate piece (you can find the pattern here) which can easily be fasten with a safety pin.

The pattern is devided in 5 if you want to make it longer/shorter or use another hook size. It's crocheted back and forth from one side of the rubberband to the other.

Translations from Swedish to US terms:
 lm = chain, fm= single crochet, sm= slip stitch and st = double crochet

  1.  Start by fasten the yarn on one side of the rubberband by making 3 single crochet. Ch 95 and fasten again on the other side of the rubberband in the same way: sc 3. Turn!
  2. Double crochet 1 in each ch back to the start, ending with a slip stitch in the first sc. Turn!
  3. *Skip 2 stitches, double crochet 7 in next stitch, skip 2, single crochet 1 in next stitch* repeat *-* til end of row. Now slip stitch 3 across to get to the other side.
  4. Repeat as in row 3 but start with a single crochet and end row with a slip stitch, break yarn and weave in ends.
Decorate with the crocheted flower, other flowers and leaves or keep it simple and use it as it is.