söndag 5 juli 2015

New pattern: fake tanktop

New pattern release on Ravelry: 

Don´t you find it good looking with layers? I am a warm blooded person and has trouble using clothing on top of other clothing when it´s warm but I find it soooo good looking and well-dressed. To have something under the shirt, tanktop or blouse that ”pops up” or that covers the neckline while using wide necklined shirts is neat. So, I got thinking on how I could solve the problem.
The result was a fake-tanktop! It´s a triangular piece that only covers the neckline and doesn´t make you overheated as you would when wearing several garments on top of each other. The idea is simple, you just snap on the sides around the bra straps using pushbuttons and tuck the lower piece under the bottom of your bra. The whole point by using pushbut­tons is that you can use it with any of your bras.
The pattern is a simple model that fits most people and is easy to adjust. There are two charts/alternatives on how to make the straps. First one is making the straps as you go, so the work is in one piece. The second is breaking yarn when the big piece is finished and fas­ten the yarn again, making the straps. This way there will be more fastening to do but it is easier to adjust width and length on the straps.

I’ve added some tips here and there on how to adjust the pattern to make it fit you. Let´s face it, we have all different sizes on torso and bust so my pattern might not fit you perfectly but with small adjustments it´ll fit you as a snug. 

Accept yarn and hook you´ll need at least 2 pairs of push buttons for the straps. 

Knowledge: you need to know how to make chains, double crochet and slip stitches in this project so it´s an easy pattern that even beginners can do. 

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