tisdag 1 december 2015

Tutorial on how to make a trivet with rice and cloves

This is how I make my trivets for pans. They are filled with rice and cloves or crushed cinnamon rod and smells amazing! Finished size is approx 19x19 cm.

You need:
  • heavy cotton fabric, cut in 42 x 21 cm
  • approx 3,5 cups (parboiled)
  • funnel or homemade out of paperboard from a toilet roll
  • cloves, cinnamon rod, lavendel or another spice or herb that you prefer - optionally
  • tag - optionally

Cut fabric: 42 x 21 cm
Optional: Zigsag around the piece.
I chose not to do it in this TUT ´cause it´s for my
 use and I wanted to take a short cut (call me lazy) 
Fold it, right sides in...

... and sew the sides. I stop about an inch from the top. 
Cut the corners...

...turn and straight out the corners.
(I use a chopstick)

Press and pin.

Top stitch around the sides and bottom (the folded side). 
Leave the top/opening as it is. 

On my machine I have a special reinforced seam -
it makes it possible to sew three (3) stitches at the same

 time (marked red).

If you don´t have a similar stitch I would recommend
that you sew 2-3 times in the same track, back and forth, 

when you make the channels.

Fold your work in the center, let the side seams meets on
one side. Pin or draw along the folded side.

Open up...

...and sew along the marked center. 
Stop 1 inch from the top edge as you did on the sides.
Now you have two channels.

Fold one sideseam towards the center seam, 

pin or draw along the folded side...

...open up and sew along the marking.
Do the same on the other side of the center. My trivet now

 has 4 channels but you can make as many as you like.

Of course you can use measuring tape and measure out these

lines. I just think it´s easier and faster to do it this way. LOL

Now, if you have a funnel just skip this part.
I don´t have one so I made a small one out of cardboard 

from a toilet roll and drew two lines...

...cut out the piece...

...and used tape to close the gap.

Voila! A paper-funnel LOL Not a fancy one,
but hey! it works just fine.

Start on one side and fill one channel at a time. I pour rice with a small medicine cup and squeeeese the bottom of the channel once in a while to make sure the rice fills the bottom. I stop filling when it reaches 2/3 of the channel. That´s enough for me, maybe you prefer more or less? 

I use regular parboiled rice + cloves or crushed cinnamon rod. It smells amazing, the heat from the pan activates the cloves/cinnamon! I think it´s enough with 2-3 cloves in each channel but that´s just my opinion. The cinnamon rod I usually crush lightly. Maybe it works with crushed cardamom seeds as well, or lavender or other herbs/spices? If you have experimented and have tips on what to use, please let me know. 

I tried to pour rice without my funnel first but more rice ended up on the table than inside the channel, so for me this works better.  

Well, when it´s filled up to 2/3 I press the channel closed 
with my fingers and pin a needle  where the rice reaches
This is to keep the rice contained while I fill up 
the rest of the channels. It also minimizes the risk of getting
rice grains along the top edge when it´s time to close it up. It´s not
fun to sew over a lost rice grain, especially when you least espect it!

When all the channels are filled and has it´s "stopping-pin"
it´s time to focus on the top edge. Fold the edges and pin pin pin. 

Make sure no rice grains are on the loose.

This is also the time I put my tag in but you can use a cotton
strip if you want to be able to hang it up. Optional of course.

Sew the last side with the reinforced seam too. 
Remember to sew along
the corners if you stoped sewing an inch from the top
so no openings are left.


I hope you enjoyed this TUT.

Sell, give away or make a pile for yourself!