måndag 26 september 2016

Whimsical Anna´s Shawl - new knitting pattern up and running

This shawl is started as a triangle but when it reaches 33 cm wide it begins to stretch out. It´s divided in two parts and stretched out even more. This makes it a perfect fit for those who don´t like it when it gets too bulky around the neck but still wants that piece of triangle to cover the front when it´s chilly outside. When worn as a shawl over the  shoulders it has long enough sides to wrap around to make it stay comfortable. 

I hope you´ll love the design!

Pattern on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vimsiga-annas-sjal

Pattern on Craftsy: will soon be up and running - try to use the SEARCH bar for this pattern.