fredag 11 november 2016

Cowl with edges

 This is not an exact pattern but a description of how I used the Autumn Warmers and made a cowl to pull over the head. Due to copyright you need to download the pattern for the wristwarmers first, made by Strikkelisa on Ravelry. 

The cowl is first made into a long wonky thing, then folded and knitted together into a cowl.

Download Autumn Warmers and use the pattern with the HOLES and knit row 1-12 but first...
  • skip/remove the "lift first stitch" that is written first on every uneven row.
  • Skip/remove the last "knit2together" on every even rows.
M1 - make 1 by knitting in front and back loop before dropping the stitch from the needle.
DS - doublestitch = lift first stitch on row to the right needle with yarn in front of work, pull the yarn over the needle all the way to the back to create a stitch with 2 "legs". This stitch is counted as 1 and you knit through both "legs" when it´s time to knit it. 

  • Needles 4 mm + one extra needle for knitting the work together into a cowl at the end.
  • The redish cowl is knitted in Extra Merino by Schachenmayr and the greyish one is in Delight from Drops. Two totally different types of yarn, I know, but both works and are made with the same size of needles. :-) Obviously the grey one is thinner than the red one.

Let´s get going:
Cast on 9 stitches

1st edge
Row 1) k1, continue as in row 1 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 2) row 2 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k1
Row 3) k1, row 3 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 4) row 4 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k1
Row 5) k1, M1 (=in first stitch on pattern), continue as in row 5 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 6) row 6 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k2
Row 7) k2, row 7 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 8) row 8 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k2
Row 9) k2, row 9 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 10) row 10 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k2
Row 11) k1, M1, k1, row 11 according to Strikkelisas pattern
Row 12) row 12 according to Strikkelisas pattern, k3

2-5th edge - knit as 1st edge, increase/ M1 1 on row 5 and row 11

6-10th edge - knit the same way but without any increasings.

11-13th edge - increase on every uneven row

14-15th edge - short rows:
Row 2) turn after 6 stitches
Row 3) DS, continue as before
Row 4) knit to the DS, knit the DS as one stitch (the two legs are knitted together as one), k6, turn.
Row 5) DS, continue as before
Row 6) knit all stitches till the end of row

Continue until you´ve made 2 whole edges with short rows.

Now the work looks like this :-) All wonky and uneven.

Fold the work as shown in pic, with the big piece in front.

Fold down the last edge to shape it into a cowl.

Pick up stitches:
Count the stitches on the needle, pick up as many, minus 2 stitches along the edge. Starting in the center of the very first edge.

Knit together and cast off at the same time:
Now hold the two needles together, one in front of the other, with the stitches lining up beside each other and take out the extra needle.
1) Put the extra needle into the first stitch on the front needle as if to knit, BUT continue and put the needle into first stitch on the second needle in the back - yarn over, pull through both stitches, drop the stitches off the needles. = Knit 2 stitches together as one
2) Repeat as above: knit 2 together - one stitch from front needle and one stitch from the back needle. Now you have two stitches on the right needle, lift the very first stitch over the last = cast off 1.

Repeat the knit2together and cast off until all stitches are done. 

Break yarn and fasten the ends.

I think I got everything right, but if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact me :-)

Ta da!