torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Slippers - toe up and kitcheners stitch heel

Kitcheners Stitch instead of knitting a heel.
This is my very first try of making slippers using toe-up and kitcheners stitch instead of knitting the heel. When you get the hang of the stitches it gets so nice and even, no joints at all. Now, I'll just keep on spinnig ideas and practice techniques. :-)

I've used Doris yarn from Vartofta, 100 % wool and circular needle 3 mm. (Gauge: 5 sts and 6 rows over 1"x 1"). The edge is crocheted with some scrap yarn,  Karisma from Drops and hook 4 mm. Both slippers weigh approx 60 g including the crocheted edge. 

I use the techniques Judy's Magic Cast On and Magic Loop. The pattern is for size 38 but the length is easy to adjust.
CO 20 stitches (10 sts /needle).

Toe: Increase every other round, after 1st and before last stitch on each needle until you have 24 sts/ needle, a totalt of 48 sts.

Knit until the work measures approx 8 cm or as long as you want the slipper to reach up on your foot.

On first needle: knit 10, knit 2 tog, knit 2 tog in back loops,  knit 10. Continue to knit sole stitches on 2nd needle as before, knit on first needle again until you reach the decreases in the center - turn! From now on you knit back and forth from the center.

My feet measures approx 24 cm so I knit until the work is about 22 cm (without stretching the work). I like it to sit snuggly on the feet and not flop away. 
Knit 21 sts, knit 2 tog in back loops, knit 2 tog, knit 21 sts. This is to make a small decrease closest to the heel. 

Sew the heel stitches together using Kitcheners Stitch.

The edge is freehand crocheted but I made it something like this:
Starting in the center of upper foot, I made a single crochet, then making 3 long stitches with yarn over in between every stitch and not pulling through. When all 6 loops are on the hook, yarn over and pull through all loops  = you get something that looks like a "crow's foot". I made 2 single crochet between every "crow's foot". Break yarn. 
The strap is made afterwards by fasten the yarn where I wanted it to be, chain 8 and fasten the chain on the other side. Then single crochet back and forth, making sure I fasten the stitches in the side properly when I turn. 

Crocheted edge and "strap".

Feels nice :-)

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