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Two color cast on - tutorial

Two color cast on
Sometimes it´s nice to add an edge to the cast on, in a different color. It´s a cool touch for eg mittens with Latvian braids.
Here´s a Latvian braid with a two color cast on.
A tutorial of the Latvian braid is found here!

So here we go:

You need two colors of yarn and needles.
I use Magic loop but you can use
double pointed needles as well.
Make a loop with both strands of yarn.
Put the loop on the needles.
This loop of yarn will be removed when you start knitting in
the round and are therefore not included in the cast on stitches.

The color you want as edge is put over the thumb and
the other over your forefinger. Cast on as usual.
When the cast on is done it´ll look like this!
Pull out one of the needles...
...fold and pull out the string of the circular needle in the middle
of your stitches. Make sure the stitches are not twisted.
The loop is now in the beginning of the round again.

The first thing to do before starting your first round is to
push/pull the loop off the needle. I usually let it dangle for
a few rounds before pulling it out.

It was only there for extra support during the cast on.

Happy knitting!

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