torsdag 20 november 2014

Tims beanie - free pattern

Tims beanie
This beanie is specialordered for Tim - therefore the name of the pattern.

Yarn: Vikings Sportsragg, approx 45 g dark blue & approx 65 g blue.
Gauge: 25 sts x  32 r =10 x 10 cm in stockinette.
Needles: 3 mm & 3,5 mm circular (40 cm) and 3,5 mm double pin needles for the decreases on top.
Size: Large
Markers: 1 to mark the beginning of round and another 7 if you wish to use markers for the decreases on the top.

This model is very poofy and measures about 40 cm in circumference when the rib is unstretched and therefore fits perfectly on a head that measures about 54 cm in circumference ->  Large.

I cast on with two colors to add an extra touch. You can find the turorial here:

Cast on 136 sts with the 3 mm needles and start knitting in the round making sure all stitches are turned the right way. Place a marker to mark the beginning of round.

Rib: *knit 2, purl 2* for 7 cm.

Change to needles 3,5 mm and continue in stockinette stitches. I changes color every 3 rounds to make the stripes. Easiest when you make changes in color is to bring the yarn you´re not usig with you, in the back.

The inside looks like this when you
bring the "resting" yarn with you in
the back. Twist the strings every

now and then to avoid loops hanging.

When the work measures approx 25 cm from the cast on edge it´s time to start the decreases for the top of the beanie. If you prefer markers instead of counting stitches, place markers on the last round after every 17 sts all the way round from the beginning of the round. = 8 markers.

Decreases are made on every round and forms a quite lumpy top which adds to the poofy style. :-)

1) *knit 15, knit 2 together* - till end of round.
2) *k 14, 2tog * - till end of round.
3) *k 13, 2tog* - till end of round.
4) *k 12, 2tog* - till end of round.   etc

Continue to make the decreases the same way, until you´ve made *k 2, 2tog* one last round. Break yarn and pull through the last stitches, pull tight and fasten the ends.   


Make as many beanies you can of this pattern, for sale, gifts or for yourself. It´s not okey to copy the pattern and use it for sale/free and call it your own. I appreciate you linking to this pattern from your blog or other social websites so more can knit beanies. :-)